Cameron | Chicago's Premier Newborn Photographer

So the other day I had the privilege of hanging out with the cutest little boy ever…  Meet Cameron!  I cannot even begin to describe all the cuteness that is Cameron, without first telling you about his wonderful mother, Kerri.   I met Kerri last year when I began physical therapy for my hip (yes, it’s true.  When the weather changes, my hip goes out).  While Kerri was not my actual physical therapist, she was always welcoming and always greeted me with the warmest smile when I arrived for my sessions.  Her friendliness created a warm environment for all the team members she worked with.  

Now Kerri and her hubby, Scott, have welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world-  and it’s obvious that he is tremendously adored by them both.  

I'm so excited for you two and this wonderful new journey you have begun!  

Congratulations!!  And many many blessings to you both!

Welcome to the world Baby Cameron!