Adler Planetarium Engagement Photos: Heleen + Aly

Heleen and Aly are a well-traveled, international and adventurous couple. With Heleen being Dutch and Aly, Pakistani, there is never a dull moment with these two. They love to explore new places and activities together. Aly enjoys scuba diving and together they have swam among whale sharks and even climbed "Child of Krakatao", an active volcano in Indonesia. Even their engagement was so perfectly planned to fit their international taste.

While on a sabbatical in Indonesia earlier this year, Aly proposed on a beautiful beach in Lombok during sunset. He had the entire proposal planned so perfectly. Remembering Heleen's love for puzzles, he had jewelry made in Egypt with hieroglyphics engraved on it which spelled out 'would you like to marry me' in Dutch. Heleen had spent the day fasting with Aly and when they were breaking their fast on the beach, he gave her the jewelry and a key and had her decipher the message. It was an engagement that was true to their love and appreciation for different cultures. So naturally, they wanted to be sure that their engagement portraits celebrated both of their rich heritages. Therefore, we started the engagement session at the iconic Kinzie Street Bridge in traditional Pakistani attire.

After a quick wardrobe change, we hoped in an uber and headed to Adler Planetarium for the second half of their engagement session.

We arrived just in time to witness a gorgeous sunset. I was in awe of the warm golden haze that we captured...

...and these two were in a world of their own.

We literally shot until the sunset. Just look at that view!! It so true, that no matter how far you travel, there's no place like Chicago…. Oooops! I mean, there's no place like home :)

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