Chicago River Walk Engagement Session: Anne + Jeff

Anne and Jeff are a very fun, loving and adventurous couple. They initially met through mutual friends at bar trivia and after seeing each other around a few times, they finally hit it off one night at Will’s Northwoods Inn on St Patrick’s Day 3 years ago. Anne recalls, “Jeff was wearing a 'Happy St. Patrick Swayze Day' t-shirt and I was wearing a Chi-rish shirt. I was obsessed with his and we decided it would be a great idea to switch shirts for the night. It was after the shirt switch that he asked me on our first date.”

These two are always on the go and up for a fun adventure. Not only do they have an immense love for the great city of Chicago, but they also love traveling to different places around the world and just exploring with each other. Their greatest adventure together being their trip to Europe where they visited Paris, Barcelona & Madrid. I know they will have many more exciting adventures together in the years to come.


I am most attracted to Jeff when he looks at me from across the table or at a bar. There is something in his eyes that glimmers and the connection we have in the moment is wonderful! ~Anne

At night, right as we have both hopped in bed, we will jokingly annoy each other. I feel like I’m laughing every night before bed...and for literally no reason other than Jeff saying something funny or trying to tickle me. ~Anne

When she’s at home and it’s just us, she will talk to our plants as if they are pets when she’s watering or trimming them. It sounds weird but it makes me laugh. ~Jeff

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