Stan Mansion Wedding: Brittney + Charles

Brittney and Charles were married on a beautiful summer day in Chicago at Stan Mansion. After their initial wedding venue closed for renovations, Brittney was such a trooper flying into town from D.C. to secure a new venue merely months before her wedding day. Though it wasn’t their initial wedding venue, I think Stan Mansion was the perfect location for this couple as it provided them with a glamorous ballroom and mansion feel, tucked away on a cozy block in Logan Square. It was urban and luxurious.

I loved everything about this wedding!! From the gold accents in the reception ballroom, to the small little bows which adorned the back of the bride and her bridesmaids high heels, to the small locket that the brides sisters wrapped around her bouquet which featured a tiny photo of Brittney and her late father.

Brittney’s father passed away back in 2008. Her father was a very loved and respected man in Chicago, who impacted the lives of countless young people during his time on earth. What I loved the most about Brittney & Charles wedding day was how their family and friends kept his memory alive throughout the day. Brittney was escorted down the aisle by her mother, but followed by a group of her uncles, who proudly proclaimed, “we do” when the preacher asked who was giving her away. Then during the reception some of the girls who was on her father’s cheerleading squad, did a celebrator cheer for the Brittney and Charles upon their entrance into the ballroom.

Later on during the reception, her uncles wouldn’t let Brittney sit alone during first dances either. As Brittney set watching her new husband dance with his mother, one of her uncles stood up and grabbed her by the hand for a first dance… the rest of her uncles then stood off to the side of the dance floor in a line, waiting for their turn to dance with the beautiful bride. When I tell you there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, it was so beautiful!!! Even I stood weeping behind my camera lens so touched by the moment. It was such a magnificent way to honor her father, a man who was like a second father to so many young women growing up. You could feel the love and respect that filled the room. I know her father was there with us that day and I am so honored to have been able to capture all the memories in his honor.

Many thanks for the fabulous team who brought this wedding day to life:
Venue: Stan Mansion
Florals: Ambassador Floral Co
Gown Designer: Bari Jay Fashions
Makeup: Kiara K Makeup
Hair: Angela C Styles
Cake Artist: Oak Mill Bakery
Cateret: Cocina Fusion
Event Designer: Event Solutions by Blue Sky Entertainment
Photographers: Miss Motley Photography

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