Chicago River East Art Center Wedding: MALLORY + TOM

When I woke up to raindrops hitting my window on the morning of Mallory & Tom’s wedding day I was saddened by the possibility that this bride wouldn’t be able to take her pre-ceremony photos around the city as we had both hoped.  A few days prior Mallory and I had mapped-out our route around the city of the top 3 places that she wanted to have photos taken- we were ready.  A stormy day was not what we envisioned for her bridal portraits.  However when I arrived to her hotel suite later that morning, Mallory didn’t seem phased by the clouds at all.  She laughed with her bridesmaids, glammed up, and slipped into her dress with such confidence as if there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  I was amazed by her calm demeanor and carefree attitude throughout the morning.

Well, to our surprise, just past noon the clouds parted and the sun began to fill the suite!!  We all beamed with excitement as we boarded the party bus and headed on our way.   Even with the humidity and wind, Mallory was radiant- simply breathtaking.  Which resulted in some pretty spectacular photos!

That evening, all the toast & speeches that I heard from their close family members and friends confirmed all that I’d witnessed throughout the day.  Mallory and Tom are a dynamic duo!!  They live in the moment and enjoy every moment with each other regardless of the circumstances at hand.

Mallory & Tom, thank you for the opportunity to share in your big day!  I wish you both all the best as you embark upon this journey as husband & wife.

Photographed by Nicee Martin for Melissa Marie Photography