Kinzie Street Bridge Engagement: Jenna + Grant

It’s not every day you meet someone bold enough to wear bright blue pants; so I must admit, I was a little nervous when Grant & Jenna strolled into Starbucks to meet for their engagement session. However, after the first few clicks of my camera, and a couple of fun jokes in between, we were fast friends. We started our shoot on the Franklin Street Bridge, downtown Chicago then decided to take a stroll over to the, ever so popular, Kinzie Street Bridge for a few shots where these two soon decided that it was time to pull out their cool shades! Lol. I don’t think either of them could have chosen a cuter companion as they both complement each other so well. Jenna’s reserved personality is the perfect match to Grant’s cool hair-slicking persona. And together, they are complete-- a perfect match. I am so looking forward to their wedding at West Baden Springs Hotel on the French Lick Resort in Indiana. I know it's gonna have a blast!

Photographed by Nicee Martin for Melissa Marie Photography