Naperville Engagement Session: Colleen + Greg

Colleen and Greg are dear friends of Lance and I. Lance and Greg’s story started many years ago when they met in 8th grade. But it wasn’t until last January when they reconnected at a engagement party of a mutual friend, that the four us, Lance, Greg, Colleen and I grew closer. When we stepped into the party that night, Greg greeted us with a big hug and introduced us to his lovely girlfriend, Colleen. And go figure, we already knew Colleen!! She was a member of the gym that Lance teaches at! Well the four of us were inseparable that evening and thus began the rekindling of what I hope to be a lifelong friendship. Since then, it’s been a crazy ride of attending various wedding events, bowling in the midst of thunderstorms, hanging out on weekday nights (hey, I’m a homebody, don’t judge me), and even Colleen becoming my chiropractor– yes, I know, beauty & brains, she’s the total package!! I am very grateful for the friend Greg has been to Lance over the years and the for the wonderful doctor Colleen has been to me. It is an absolute honor for me to capture these precious moments for them. Can’t wait until Sept 5, 2014!!


Photographed by Nicee Martin for Melissa Marie Photography