Morton Arboretum Engagement: Nellie + John

“…watching Nellie break into her solo dance routine at her Pom team’s Spring Dance Showcase. I was extremely preoccupied with work around that time and didn’t realize how much effort she was putting into this. But when I watched her dance that night and her girls break into utter glee, I was reminded of how truly amazing she was. I was also filled with guilt that I had briefly allowed myself (b/c of work) to forgot how truly amazing she is and how lucky I was to be with her. It was at that moment I realized how stupid I was to have someone so special in my life and for not dropping everything else going on to IMMEDIATELY propose to her. I started researching engagement rings the very next day and purchased one a couple of days later.” ~John

For me, it is easy to get so consumed with meetings, with shooting and with editing that I too can forget just how blessed I am to have my husband in my life. So reading John’s words were so endearing. The love, compassion and gentleness that he shows Nellie is so heartfelt and sweet. I am so honored to be apart of their journey. Can’t wait until their romantic wedding at Englewood Resort & Spa!

Photographed for Melissa Marie Photography