Chicago Engagement Photos: Trista + Danny

When they first met, there was an immediate connection between them. Trista was mesmerized by Danny's blue eyes and Danny was enamored by Trista's persona and humor. Their connection was instantaneous and electrifying. They were so intrigued be one another that they spend the entire night outside sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk talking and laughing until the wee hours of the morning and the rest was history. Their love and support for one another is what every girl wishes to someday have. 

"He loves us unconditionally and everyday he wakes up and makes it the best day with his optimism. When I get home from a rough days work, he gives me a big hug and takes the weight of the world off my shoulders…" ~Trista

"I was sick and had spent time in the hospital for a scary couple of days. While there I reflected on all the different grandiose proposals I had dreamt up and threw it all away... I realized I didn’t want to wait another day, another minute to propose to the love of my life, so on the day we were celebrating Christmas I completely surprised her with the proposal and it was just a beautiful organic moment in time that I'll never forget." ~Danny

"Trista is so supportive. I feel like I could quit my job and sell peanuts at Wrigley and she’d be so happy I’m following my dreams. That kind of verbal support is empowering and satisfying." ~Danny

Trista & Danny are extremely driven, hard working and adventurous. They are also the proud parents to a beautiful boy named Connor. They are set to marry this September at Black Hawk on the River in Boise, Idaho.