Gallery Guichaed Chicago Baby Shower: Kimberly + Ogbonna

This gender reveal baby shower took place at Gallery Guichaed on Chicago’s Southside. This modern co-ed shower, began with mingling and drinks, followed by a delicious meal and fun games. During the balloon pop gender reveal, Mom & Dad, Kimberly & Ogbonna, were thrilled to discover that they’ll be welcoming a precious baby boy into their family very soon. Congratulations on the new addition!

Special thanks to the talented team who brought this event to life:

Venue // Gallery Guichaed
Design & Planning // Nicole Marie Events Chicago
Catering // Fuze Catering & Events
Desserts // Cake Life Chicago

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Matthew Jeremiah 6 days old | Chicago's Newborn Photographer

Little Matthew and his big sisters Anna & Angelina seriously gave me baby fever.  I had the best time cuddling with this little cutie and giggling with his sisters.  They are all so very sweet.  Just from being around them for the short time that I was, I could tell that their lives are filled with parents and family members who love and adore them to the fullest.  I foresee a lot of fun days ahead for these 3!  Welcome to the world, Matthew! 

Luke 10 days old | Chicago's Newborn Photographer

Meet Luke!  I've been waiting for his arrival all year long!  His mother, my dear friend Galina, and I have been planning his newborn session since January.  He was the perfect little sleeping baby and he was oh soooooooooooo sweet… I mean just look at those cheeks!!!  I can't wait to watch him grow up over the years!  Love this wonderful family.   

Welcome to the world, Luke!

Anika 10 days old | Chicago's Premier Newborn Photographer

Ray & Stephanie are one of my favorite couples of all time!! Lance and I have gotten to know them over the years and we've developed a friendship that has been mutually enriching. After years of not being able to conceive, the Lord blessed them with a precious baby girl and she could not be more prefect then she already is. I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to photograph little Miss Anika!

Kameron 8 days old | Chicago's Premier Newborn Photographer

I could not let another day pass us by without sharing this amazing post of a thank you note that a recent client of mine wrote.  

When I read this I was beyond speechless. 

I actually teared up a bit. 

I received the final pictures in the mail yesterday and I have to say they made me tear up a little bit! I am not an overly sentimental person but I think that those photos were absolutely stunning and I could not possibly be any happier with the results. I want to thank you for all your hard work and devotion to providing your clients with the best photos possible. Everything about my experience working with you was truly above expectations. Being a first time mom, I think I was more than a little nervous about Kameron being fussy or not being able to get him to stay asleep but my fears were definitely put at ease as soon as you started working with him. I still can't believe that you don't have children of your own with the patience and caring that you have for other people's babies!

From the moment I saw the photos on your website, I was sure that you would be the perfect photographer for my lil' Kammy. I knew that you would give me the exact type of pictures I wanted instead of those generic portrait studio pictures that don't capture the true essence of a newborn baby. I am so glad that I found your postcard at my OB's office and I will definitely be telling everyone in my life where I got my beautiful pictures from!

Nicole-  It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family and to have the opportunity to work with your handsome baby boy Kameron.  He was the most perfect (and gorgeous) client!  I so enjoyed posing him, wrapping him, propping him up, and photographing him in your arms!  

Thank you for entrusting me with your most valued possession.  I am truly honored :)      

Sam 3 weeks old | Chicago's Premier Newborn Photographer

After a long weekend of mini photo-sessions, photographing baptisms, and making holiday preparations, I packed up my studio and headed to do an in-home newborn session for my friend Rachel.  There is no other family that I would rather spend my Sunday afternoon with than Sam, Jack, Rachel, and Adam.  From Sam’s a-mazing baby Mohawk to Jack’s elf pajamas.  I was thrilled to be asked to photograph these brothers for their family holiday cards. 

I am delighted to welcome Baby Samuel to the World!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! 

Eliana 11 days old | Chicago's Premier Newborn Photographer

So let's just say November was "High School Reunion Month" as I had the privilege of photographing several newborns who's parents were my high school friends.  How exciting is that! 

Meet Eliana.  Beautiful Eliana is such a sweet baby girl.  She slept throughout our entire shoot and never once made a peep.  I so enjoyed my time with her.  

Congratulations Carissa & Luis!  Eliana is a doll :) 

Don't you just love that smile?! Priceless

Josiah – The Cat in the Hat | Chicago's Premier Newborn Photographer

As a child with a speech impediment, I was not too thrilled about Dr. Seuss’ book “The Cat in the Hat” growing up.  I despised it actually because I was never able to properly pronounce the word “cat”.  Well, today’s newborn totally redeemed my relationship with this children’s book.  He gave it whole new meaning for me!

Meet Josiah!  I am totally in LOVE with my friend, Krystal’s newborn theme.  From the moment I saw a picture of Josiah’s name in Dr. Seuss-styled wooden letters, I knew we’d have a fantastic shoot!  And boy did we have a blast.  I can’t think of a more perfect baby to put in a cute Dr. Seuss outfit then this sweet boy.  

Congratulations Krystal!  Josiah is such a sweetiepye!  Thanks so much from adding your own style and creativity to our session.  I had a blast photographing your baby for you.  He is sooooooooooo loved and I know he'll be well taken care of.

Welcome to the World Josiah!! 

Cameron | Chicago's Premier Newborn Photographer

So the other day I had the privilege of hanging out with the cutest little boy ever…  Meet Cameron!  I cannot even begin to describe all the cuteness that is Cameron, without first telling you about his wonderful mother, Kerri.   I met Kerri last year when I began physical therapy for my hip (yes, it’s true.  When the weather changes, my hip goes out).  While Kerri was not my actual physical therapist, she was always welcoming and always greeted me with the warmest smile when I arrived for my sessions.  Her friendliness created a warm environment for all the team members she worked with.  

Now Kerri and her hubby, Scott, have welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world-  and it’s obvious that he is tremendously adored by them both.  

I'm so excited for you two and this wonderful new journey you have begun!  

Congratulations!!  And many many blessings to you both!

Welcome to the world Baby Cameron!

Benji | Chicago's Premier Newborn Photographer

Special thanks to my dear friends, Galina & Chris for allowing me the privilege to photograph their precious baby boy, Benjamin.  It was such a pleasure to have you guys in our home that chilly February morning.  Galina, your joy and bubbly spirit is so endearing and warm, and Chris, your unshakable faith is inspiring.  Your friendship is invaluable to Lance and I, and we truly admire the journey that you two have taken.  Continue to grow in Love for one another and make me more babies to photograph!!

Looking forward to the years ahead!  Here’s to Benji…. Enjoy!