Cracked at 695: The Northeasterners Inc, Chicago Chapter

The fabulous ladies of The Northeasterners Inc. - Chicago Chapter held their monthly gathering at Cracked at 695. They are a group of educated, talented, socially and politically conscious Black women rooted in a deep sense of sisterhood. The theme for the February meeting was obviously love and appreciation. It was a pleasure to be in attendance and to not only document their gathering, but to also capture headshots of each member to use on their website.

Many thanks to the fabulous team who brought this event to life...

Event Planner & Stylist: Nicole Marie Events Chicago
Cake Designer: Cake Life Chicago
Venue & Catering: Cracked at 695

CLICK HERE to view the entire gallery of images from the event.

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Austin Lo'ren | Chicago Headshots

There was never a dull moment growing up with my cousin Lauren.  From running through the house playing tag,  getting in trouble for breaking something, to putting on dance performances for our entire family during the holidays-- we always had a blast together.  Lauren was the dancer in our family. She was always bouncing around, flipping and bustin' moves.  I, on the other hand, was what I like to call "rhythmically-challanged".  I had no rhythm, no coordination, and no confidence to try to perform in front of anyone.  But it never failed, every holiday season Lauren would choreograph a dance, force me learn it and make the entire family sit down and watch.  I'd be behind her stumbling over my feet and butchering all the steps she spent hours teaching me and she'd be grooving right along.  I've never met a person who loved to dance as much as she does, it just comes naturally for her.  She was destined to dance.

Lauren, I am so honored to be apart of your journey and to be able to capture these shots for you.  I wish you much success in all your endeavors.  When you make it big, don't you forget about us little people. Lol. 

Love ya girlie! :)  

Brooke | Chicago's Premier Family Photographer

It is always such a pleasure to photograph the children of my old high school classmates.  Not only am I able to catch up with old friends, but I love being able to see how their children resemble them.  

Well today's princess is a replica of her mother, and it was such a pleasure to meet her for the first time! 

Best wishes on all your future endeavors, Little Miss Brooke!! 

Pam Tyus Headshots | Chicago's Premier Family Photographer

The other day my cousin, Pamela Tyus, called me up saying that she needed a few professional headshots for her portfolio.  So I packed up my equipment and headed to Chicago, IL.  What was meant to be an hour and a half photoshoot turned into 8 hours of styling, shooting, snacking and much needed laughter.  I don't think I've ever laughed harder in my entire life!!! It was definitely an abs workout! Lol.  Here's a sneak peek of a few of my favs from her session, well the ones can be released to the public ;-)  I had a great time Pam!  I wish you much success in all your endeavors!! *MUAH*

Congratulations to my dear friend Keila | Chicago's Premier Family Photographer

Today’s post is a tribute to a good friend of mine- my old college roommate, Keila Harris.  While I primarily specialize in newborn photography through Miss Motley Photography, every now and then I will do a few head-shots for aspiring young professionals.  Keila was such a trooper during this shoot as it was quite rainy and gloomy outside.  Luckily, she and her beautiful natural mane participated with me despite the moisture and cloudiness.  It’s always a joy to have Keila in front of my camera.  Her energy is so contagious!!  She brings out the best in me, and my art.

Join me in honoring this sweet young lady as she completes her

Masters in Business Administration with a focus in Management and Marketing.  Kudos to you, Keila, for all of your hard work and perseverance!  I know you will do great things in this life.  Just promise me you wont forget us little people once you finally arrive ;-)  

Congratulations Roomie!!  I’m so proud!