Pazzo's 311 Chicago Wedding: Felicia+ Bart

Felicia & Bart's urban wedding took place on a warm summer day at Pazzo's 311 in Chicago, Illinois. Their marital union is a result of dreams, fate and the childhood wishes of a three year old girl. Growing up Felicia's mom always teased her about her preschool friend Bart and how everyday after preschool, Felicia would come home and tell her that she was going to marry Bart and they were going to have 13 children! Felicia often thought her mother made the story up because after all, how could a three year old already be planning a family? Fast forward 15 years to a few weeks before Felicia is set to head off to college while she is attending her friend Britton's graduation party. Britton, walks up to a group of her and her friends and introduces them to his college roommate, Bart. Felicia immediately recalls her mother's stories and tells him, "I went to preschool with a guy named Bart." As luck would have it, this was the same Bart from preschool! A few months later the two reconnected while Bart was in Chicago during Thanksgiving break and the rest is history!

The decor for this spectacular wedding is just as unique as this couple's story. The blue and purple color scheme was inspired by Felicia's favorite flower, orchids, and a navy blue James Bond tuxedo with a black lapel. Felicia loved the idea of having gold as the accent color since it was less common then silver. Consequently, gold accents ended up being much harder to find which lead to a few DIY projects which included: table numbers, gift card box, menus, escort cards, etc. In the end, these colors came together in a very tasteful and elegant way.


View their wedding slideshow below!

Many thanks to the fabulous team who brought this celebration to life...
Venue: Pazzo’s at 311
Event Planner: One Fine Day Events
Cake Designer: Oak Mill Bakery
Makeup Artist: Danielle Rochon Makeup
Floral Designer: Bella Flora Inc
Cinema and Video: Borrowed and Blue Productions
DJ: Charles Protege

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